A functional Appliance also known as “Twin-Blocks” are used in cases where the upper front teeth are protruding due to underdevelopment of the lower jaw.

This device helps to modify the facial growth in growing children, correcting position of the teeth and jaw, while improving the facial profile. This phase of treatment usually takes approximately 9 months, wearing the appliance on a full-term basis and is usually followed by a second phase involving Fixed Appliance

Fixed Appliances

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26/7/2022 Covid 19 protocols

Please do not attend for an appointment if you have symptoms of Covid 19. We would ask you to continue to wear a mask in the practice until you are seated in the dental chair

We aim to reduce numbers of people moving through the practice and to observe social distancing within the premises as much as possible. Therefore, if you feel it necessary, one parent can attend the practice with the patient .

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.