Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontic treatment will not interfere with your sport. If you are involved in contact sport then a gumshield purchased from your local sports shop can be adapted to fit around the upper teeth.
Yes, you should see your dentist as usual for your routine check-ups.
You will need to avoid sticky chewy foodstuffs during your treatment. Care needs to be taken when eating hard foods as biting into something hard without thinking will knock brackets off the teeth. It is very important that you restrict the intake of sugary snacks also and it is advisable that you avoid fizzy drinks.
Braces are only fitted on patients with good oral hygiene. If braces are not cleaned adequately during treatment unsightly marks will be left on the teeth after the braces are removed. On the day the braces are fitted Dr Sheils will explain all necessary oral hygiene measures.
Nowadays where possible we try to avoid extracting teeth. However, in cases where there is a lot of overcrowding or teeth are very prominent the removal of some adult teeth may be necessary. If this is the case all extraction space is closed and at the end of treatment it will be impossible to tell that you have had teeth removed.
The process of fitting braces is not painful. However, for one week afterwards your teeth will be tender and sore. You may also develop some small mouth ulcers as you adapt to the braces. Normal painkillers, eg., paractemol will see you through this early period.

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If you have had any flu like symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or recently come into contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19, please do not attend for appointment and contact reception.Please do not attend if you have have returned from abroad in the past 14 days.

We aim to reduce numbers of people moving through the practice and to observe social distancing within the premises.
The waiting room and toilets will be closed during this time and patients will enter when a member of staff opens inner door at the appointed time.
Parents should not accompany patient unless they feel there is an urgent matter they wish to discuss with Dr. Sheils or Suzanne the Orthodontic Therapist.
Please use hand sanitiser provided before entering. PLEASE WEAR A MASK UNTIL SEATED IN DENTAL CHAIR. We observe strict cross infection control protocols and adhere to Dental Council code of practice.
Appointment duration will be kept as short as possible but allowing patients treatment to progress.
Patients will be given their next appointment without deliberation but if this is extremely inconvenient then please phone reception to rebook.
We would be grateful if you could work with us on this one and appreciate your understanding.
Patients should attend with clean teeth as our bathroom will be closed until further notice.
Our receptionist is available as usual to deal with any specific queries and can receive payments preferably over the phone.
Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.